Free Useful Tools from ESET® Antivirus to Protect Users and Families Online

The multiple award winning company ESET headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia was founded in 1992 when Miroslav Trnka and Peter Paško partnered with Rudolf Hrubý. The hugely successful company offers anti-virus and firewall products such as ESET NOD32.

The name ESET was adopted from the Egyptian goddess of health, marriage and love with the company having subsidiaries in Singapore, the United States, Argentina and facilities under development in Czech Republic and Poland.

ESET products span a range of categories including Smart Security Premium, Internet Security, NOD32 Antivirus, Cyber Security Pro for MAC, Anti-Theft and Parental Control for Homes.

Business products are also available in the form of File Security for Windows Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Linux and Solaris. Data access and protection tools such as ESET Secure Authentication and DESlock+ Data Encryption are also available from ESET. 

                             Free Useful Tools from ESET Anti-Virus

The internet as we know it today in 2017 has become an invaluable daily resource that modern life cannot run without. The threats to your privacy every time you log onto a server or access a web application are ever prevalent, with hackers coming up with sophisticated ways to breach your accounts and access your personal information.

Below, we shall discuss some free tools offered by ESET Anti-virus to protect you and your families while they browse the internet as well as protection of your devices from malware and theft. 

1. ESET Anti-Theft

This tool increases your chances of getting your missing device back by tracking its location on a map and monitoring foreign activity from the unauthorized user in possession of your device. 

Losing your smart phone to theft can be very distressing for the victim, completely cut off from important applications like Outlook for emails, contacts, text messages, banking applications, Google tools, videos, personal pictures, videos, music, Social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Register an account with ESETAnti-Theft Tool to gain the ability to track and locate your stolen device. It works by automatically activating device monitoring when the user marks it as missing. 

ESET Anti-Theft uses networks in range to locate the position of your phone on a map to aid retrieval.

A great feature of this tool lets you send a one-way message that appears on the screen of the finder, allowing you to view webcam photos and screen captures of the person in possession of the device.

2. ESET Social Media Scanner

This free tool currently secures over 106 billion social media links 113,000+ user accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Click on the link below to learn more about protecting your Twitter account.

Once on the website, take some time to read about the current threats blocked, links and user accounts protected. Log into your Twitter on another tab, return to the Social Media Scanner page and click Protect Twitter.

You will get a prompt to authorize ESET Social Media Scanner to use your account. Get Protected!

3. ESET Parental Control

This application available on the Android platform is great news for parents. Parental Control helps keep your children safe by guiding their navigation of content online, see what they view and play as well as intervening to block access in a friendly way. 

The app also lets you check the location of your children at any time, and acknowledgement messages can be sent to their devices requiring a response before they can continue using their smart phones and tablets.

Application and Web Guard feature filters access to websites based on the age of the child and decide which apps your children can use. 

We hope you found some useful information in this article to help protect digital accounts and that of your families from ever evolving threats while surfing the internet.

4. ESET Endpoint Encryption Tool

If you've been keeping tabs on recent events from the world of information security, the clock is fast counting down until the General Data Protection Regulation enforced by the European Union come into force on 28th May, 2018. This new law will see organizations held accountable with heavy monetary fines or even company closures, if client data are lost to hackers from a system breach. 

ESET uses DESlock+ encryption technology to provide a simple and powerful solution to organisations of all sizes to become complaint with data protection. The tool uses FIPS 140-2 Validated 256 bit AES encryption with a remote control Hybrid-cloud based management server that supports Windows 10 in UEFI and GPT. 

Four versions of the program exists; Personal, Essential, Mobile, Standard and DESlock+ Pro Editions are available with varying functionalities. Full disk and removable disk encryption are only available in standard and pro versions but other useful functionalities like File & folder encryption, text & clipboard encryption, Outlook plugin for email & attachments and centralised management console are available in all versions. 

Visit their website below and navigate to Business > Endpoint Security > Data Encryption to download a free trial version of the software for client or server computers. You'll have to register an account with DESlock+ in order to request a trial license or purchase the full software.  Thank you for investing your time with us.

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