1. User Account Management

What is a User Account?

An object in AD DS responsible for controlling authentication and validation of access to resources, containing many attributes about a particular user on your network. 

In this new era of rampant ransomware attacks and threatening activities on the internet, setting up a form of encryption is a good idea even if only to prevent your data landing in the wrong hands.

As an active IT engineer, you will find yourself logging in and out of systems on a daily basis. But what happens when you get locked out of the system you built for one reason or the other?  

Welcome to our third lesson in data centre virtualization with VMware, in the previous lessons we performed the installation of Androidx86 on a Type-2 hypervisor and VMware ESXi installation as a Type-1 hypervisor system.

Welcome to our second lesson in data centre virtualization with VMware, this time around we’ll be focusing on the Bare- metal Type-1 hypervisor; VMvisor ESXi installation and configuration.

Paying homage to its powerful predecessors like Win Server 2000 and 2003, Windows Server 2012 R2 is Microsoft’s penultimate edition to the family with familiar technologies such as Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and Group Policy that administrators have grown to love and organisations frankly can’t do without.