A Sneak Peek into Sony HMZ-T3W Personal 3D Viewer Home Cinema With 7.1 True HD Surround Sound

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades, everyone is aware of the ground breaking innovations the tech giant Sony® have contributed to our modern world, ever pushing the boundaries of our imaginations using the power of computers.

With this year’s eagerly awaited gear PlayStation VR® due for release soon, I was pleasantly surprised to see the release of another remarkable addition to the list of head mounted displays, with the advanced Sony HMZ-T3W Personal 3D Home Cinema System.

Simply known in the industry as the T3 and weighing in just about 2.5Kg, this revolutionary headset is surely going to change the way we experience immersive entertainment only seen in the likes of IMAX 3D cinemas.

We get to explore all the technology loaded into this hardware to make it work and some of the things you can expect from owning one of these units.

Be aware the T3 is not a virtual reality head set but simply a device made to simulate the experience of a large high-quality screen environment matched with an incredible 7.1 channel digital surround sound. These combined give you complete, untethered  viewing experience where ever you find yourself craving some visual entertainment.

Let’s take a closer look at this device to hopefully get a better insight into its design, functionality and where you can actually pick one up should you decide to buy a unit:

Sony HMZ-T3W OLED HD Gear Design

At a glance you may think this is the long-awaited PlayStation VR® Gear because of the similar looks most virtual reality head mounted displays bear. The T3 however, was clearly designed to facilitate longer periods of use without much discomfort, so an extended padded plate has been fitted to balance the weight of the device on the user's head.

It measures 18.9cm across the face, 27cm along the sides and 14cm head and neck brace for further additional support during operation.


The main cavity where all the lens components are located is design with soft materials and a big enough space for any nose bridge to occupy, while sitting down or on the go around the house. An extended headphone on both sides ensures you don’t miss out on the incredible soundtracks you are used to when visiting your favourite IMAX screenings.

Sony HMZ-T3W Technical Specifications

For such a small device, the developers at Sony did very well to pack so much technology into such a small space. The unit features a dual HD display capable of resolving 1280x720 signals from devices like Blu-ray® players and other high-definition sources.

The panel itself is made from OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes), producing the highest levels of black, blue, red and green colour spectrums with a very high contrast ratio. This ensures the screen can keep an aspect ratio of 16:9 even 20 meters away without losing the crisp high resolution we see on IMAX. 

It’s hard to imagine a real 3D Dolby Digital True HD® surround sound that typically comes out of high-end Hi-Fi systems could be replicated to perform well in-ear headphones, but the engineers at Sony somehow managed to achieve this feat with a 7.1 channel spatial surround sound that arguably surpasses even Beats® by Dre.

One thing that has always been the limitation of portable devices is battery life. The more independent the technology, the more power is required to keep the processors, RAM and wireless adapters running efficiently. However, the T3 manages 3 hours of viewing time which is more than ample for 2 full feature films.

For those users that want to still have a feel of the real world, there is a feature called Open View Shield that lets the wearer see their immediate surroundings such as reach for the keyboard or mouse, mobile devices or anything else nearby without losing sight of the game or movie currently playing.

MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) ensures your smart phone devices still charge while you play your favourite shows. 

The special revolutionary unit that makes this work is the whopping 60GHz wireless technology, which is 20x faster than the wireless 802.11n standard. This makes an easy task of rendering and transferring large amounts of data from your HD source players to your headset without any cables.

Sony HMZ-T3W Connectivity and Viewing Angles

The T3 is one of a hand full of devices that truly boasts of ultimate connectivity. Whether you are catching up on your favourite shows Like Breaking Bad or Desperate Housewives: this device was designed to stay connected at all time, regardless of the platform it plugs into. 

The wireless unit is loaded with numerous ports including 3 HDMI, USB, Optical audio input and MHL connections for your Blu-Ray players. 

Connect seamlessly to your gaming laptop - something the hardcore gamers will appreciate as they have not been left out of the action.

With an HDMI/MHL connection, you can now plug and play your favourite streams while the mobile device charges; a great achievement for the developers at Sony Corp®.

Unlike other virtual reality devices which use sensors and trackers to detect the position and direction you are looking in order to rotate the world around you, the T3 features a fixed screen that moves with you but cuts off the outside world to simulate the true immersive 3D effect on a giant 750” screen, standing 20 meters at 45° viewing angle in front of you.  

Creating a screen this large requires a lot of processing power and high transmission rates, but the magic itself lies in the Dynamic OLED screens, which essentially creates an illusion of a single large screen by transmitting high-contrast, high-speed images across two screens with zero latency. The whole experience then becomes an enormously huge immersive IMAX 3D sensation in the comfort of your own home.

Sony HMZ-T3W Dolby HD Surround Sound Options

I particularly like the way the developers at Sony considered the functionality their gear by allowing users who prefer the traditional over-the-ear headphones to plug in and enjoy an even more enhanced sound effect. One new addition to the list of such head phones is the Sony MDRRF865RK Wireless RF Headphones.

Gaming on the Sony HMZ-T3W Gear

Gamers rejoice, for the ultimate gear that completely reinvents how you play has finally arrived. You would have to be really unlucky not to get a clean head shot while playing Call of Duty® or any other first person shooter, and thanks to the intelligent one-frame delay system, an enemy player can no longer take the drop on you.

Fans of Nazi Zombies, from the creators Treyarch, will no longer be for the faint-hearted when you find yourself on a map like Call of the Dead, where a giant George Romaro chases you around with his lighting pole.  Explosive multiplayer maps like maps like NukeTown finally come to life with this display. Prepare for hours on end of walking into claymores and receiving strike packages, all running at 60 frames-per-second with zero lag.

Enjoying 3D Blu-ray content on Sony HMZ-T3W

If you are one of those yet to be convinced about watching content in 3D, this is your answer to a truly magical experience where you feel part of the world you have been placed in. Spin your favourite 3D movie and get blown away by the breath-taking scenery and see everything in clear detail as the director intended.

Some of the recommended testers of this technology could be Guardians of the Galaxy, Total Recall, Interstellar, Green Hornet 3D, the incredibleTron 3D and my personal favourite Avatar 3D (If the price has dropped a bit from the £80 release price tag).        

Final Thoughts on Sony T3 & Where to Pick One Up

Well done if you made it this far down the article. Hopefully you are excited to see this amazing technology in action and all the entertainment your family can enjoy having this kit in the house.

As with all new technology, you would expect a high price tag due to the investment cost during research and development. A brand new unit is available for £1,289 and if you are lucky a used version can be picked up for about £899, which is not surprising considering standard SUHD screens are selling for well over £2000.

You can wave goodbye to your £16.10 IMAX tickets each time you put on this headset, enjoying whatever content you wish on a virtual giant HD screen.

Follow this link to have a browse: http://amzn.to/1SlsRMy

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